Friday, 27 July 2012


I'm stealing this picture from my sister.

Ugh, two of my favourite people on the planet. Effing savageeeeeee.


My family, sitting around doing LOTR quizzes... that's Lord of the Rings, for anyone not in on the super cool lingo. Yes, just another exciting Tuesday night here in the Carroll household.


Mummy's super delish birthday dinner... sage/butter/garlic/lemon fish with green and white grilled asparagus.


Beautiful gardens.


"Maud" got to have tea and cake with the adult day care program run by Community Care.

They loved my hat (even though it's backwards).

Loveliest day.


 Coolest kid alive. For reals.


Nighttime white sangria. Out of focus and in my belly straight after this photo. I love drinks in mason jars and tea-lights in high ball glasses.


yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy grilled cheese in kensington.

sigh, I always forget to take pictures of things before I start to eat them. Because, you know, it's food. And I can't help myself.

pee.ess. I'm going to be making all the photos bigger. I'll also be going back and changing all the old ones so they look prettier. I'm glad I decided to do this in July, and not, say, in February. When it would be easy. Ugh.

Monday, 23 July 2012


A (slightly fuzzy) Venus at dawn.


You can't tell the Davsters... but I'm carrying on a love affair with my drive to work. We only meet a few times a week. And even then, I'm always on the move. No matter what the conditions, my drive to work is happy to see me, and the sky always opens up into a sparkling, smiling blue. The colour of the fields as I drive by makes my heart race and as I turn toward the theatre, I know my heart will ache with the trials of separation until we can meet again.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


There is such clarity in the start of the day.


What is the only thing that could make this table any prettier?

Why, jello shots, of course.

Et, voila.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


What series of things do I love... well, in no particular order,

the ocean
red velvet
sailing on the ocean eating red velvet and buttercream

So, I think mine turned out to be more really-dark-pink-almost-passably-red velvet. And yet, still delicious.


Oh man, what a terribly messy and out of control coiffe! Until....

BAM. So snazzy!! First time ever haircutter (at least I didn't pull a 'Dempsey', eh McGill). Killed. It. 


Timmy's somehow just tastes better (perhaps more patriotic) in a mug like this. Go figure.


Hmm, I think I just might, thank you very much.




Now, this is one of the coolest girls ever.

Her name is Laura. She is from Finland. She travelled all the way to Prince Edward Island to give a seminar on the Finnish and Swedish translations of Emily of New Moon and the discrepancies found therein. (I know). Then she flew all the way to Toronto to hang out with us -- in Leaskdale -- and see my show. Seriously, she came across an ocean to stand among her intellectual peers, and managed to scoot over to our little hamlet and sit in stifling heat and hear my story. Epic.

And then she hung out with us for Canada Day. I made rainbow fruit skewers a la Takei. Pics to follow.

Sunday, 8 July 2012




Me and my posse of ladies on opening night. And oh yeah, the handsome Conrad Boyce.

Sometimes, when my stomach is wrought with nerves and butterflies, I wonder why I insist on throwing myself up on stage over and over. And then I step up and face the audience and I remember. Cause there is nothing else like it. Nothing.


Check it.


My brother issssss the coolest.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Caught two fellows catching up on a lovely sunny day. One frog to another.


There is nothing, I promise you nothing, creepier than porcelain dolls.

Nothing, that is, except porcelain dolls in straw hats.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


On my way to work, guess what I found... an Ontario Green Gables. Complete with (you guessed it) green gables on the house, rolling fields and a pond that backs onto the house. And swans (who happen to be pretty, but scary).