Saturday, 30 June 2012


Speaking of which... our poor cherry tree bore no fruit this year, bar one brave soldier of a cherry. The brave little thing was the only fruit on the tree this year. I have no idea how is lasted past the late frost, but there it sits, alone, triumphant!


By far one of the best parts about being home is popping out to the back garden from the kitchen on a sinfully warm day, and snipping tomatoes and basil warm from the vine (and stem, I suppose). There is little better than a tomato warmed by the summer sun, the smell of sunshine still lingering on its delicate skin.


Yes, that's right, this is my view on my drive to work. On my drive to work being an actor. On my drive to work being an actor in a play in the most beautiful part of Ontario. 

Who has two thumbs and is one lucky duck. This girl.


Ooh, I cannot believe I forgot to show you these! Thanks to the Dempsey, I now have a set of le creuset's for creme brulee-ing. And see, there be the first in ye olde water baths before hitting the oven. Yum-aroo.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


My beautiful city.


Cherry tree got a haircut today. Doesn't she look pretty?


Saw this in today's paper. David McCullough Jr. is the coolest teacher alive. YouTube his name.

Because you are not special.

Friday, 22 June 2012


Let the shameless self-promotion begin. Come see me dressed as an old(er) woman and talking a lot. It'll be worth it, I swear.


My life has shrunk into days of pacing across wooden boards and mornings of racing across misty fields. Entire days go by, and they are the only landscape I know. Quiet. Removed.


Rehearsal room. Rehearsal buddy.


Ok, so... not actually taken by me. 

But I would just like to say, if I were staring into a looking glass, I'm pretty sure this is what I'd get (if flowery hats were to come back into style, as I'm sure they will. Just look at that thing. Stun.ning).

Also, side note: this is probably the most spectacular costume I've worn in this half of the last decade, but oh my great goodness, the thing is hot. As in sweltering. As in I lose half my weight in sweat over the course of each rehearsal.

But holy smokes, is it worth it. Take a look at what I get to be, six days a week.


I will never get over the beauty of this place. Holy Smokes.


Man, I remember when this place was just a large, muddy hole that happened to have some fish swimming aimlessly around.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


There is something so serene in the thickness of a fog that hangs in a forest. As you pulse through it, landing one foot silently in front of the other, the damp air clings to you and a peace descends, following you quietly along the solitary path.

And there's nothing else. Just you and the heavy stillness.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Home Sweet Home.


Last day in Dublin... I don't mind saying, this is something I will not miss.


I love it. One of the greatest celestial phenomena to occur in my lifetime... and the Dublin sky looks like this. Guess I'll just have to stick around till 2117. Le sigh.

Monday, 18 June 2012


And oh yeah - see the subtle, golden haze glazed over this little scene? It's cause these pies are a little piece of heaven.

Wow, food takes up about 80% of what I think about in a day.


Best birthday present ever. Wilco came to play for me!!


Future artist in the making here. She's pensive and is gonna be all post modern abstract and stuff. And cutting edge. She'll be cutting edge, too.


Pretty much the greatest cupcakes ever decorated. The one in the top right corner is abstract.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Also, check out the first 59 seconds of this video. In. sane.



Ok, so! I found this picture in my computer from ages ago. I remember sitting on a bus passing Stephen's Green, and I'd never noticed this before. It's so sweet, they're kissing!


Man, I think I've run out of Ireland photos. See, this is why I should have done this before I left. Crap. You think, after all these years, I would be mature enough not to put off stuff like this. So, in lieu, here's some penguins. And a heron. A crane. No, a heron.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


My good friend Mackenzy got married today. In fact, he got married to a handsome man, with a handsome, handsome voice. Check him out, seriously. They're called the Larkfield Four. He's the one with the voice.



I had a few friends join me for script work in the park today. The ducks were especially helpful.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Ok, this was meant to be:

January - rain and cold.
February - rain and more cold.
March - mostly rain, and not so cold
April - rain and no sign of spring anywhere.
May - rain and surprisingly depressing temperatures


The day Jennifer finishes work - sun and HEAT.

Thank you, weather system, for your vitamin D-filled endorsement. I thoroughly appreciate the support.


Oooo, it's pretty. So very, very pretty. If I ever get married, or ever have any occasion to drive, well, anywhere, I want this car.

Or this one.


That's it. Finis. Good bye forever.

It's been a long year. Months of taking orders, of clearing plates, of talking to people I don't like about things I don't care about. Day after day of the same cyclical mundanity. But no more! This will be known as the last day I will ever waitress. Or bartend. Or serve people in an establishment where things are served on plates or in glasses (or at least let's hope).

Good bye, Alfies. You were fun while it lasted, but I'm moving on. Don't miss me too much!


skyyyyy beautiful skyyyyyyyy..


Oh man. Good gracious. How could you not tell me I forgot?


See, had I been on top of my calendar and posted this on Sunday, I could have told you about this amazing gal called my mum. I could have told you that she's pretty awesome, hilariously funny, unbelievably caring and most of all, can make a killer grilled cheese sambo. I'd have told you how she never forgets a date (a skill obviously lost between generations) and knows how to throw a savage party. I wish I had her hair, and I'm grateful I have her smile.

But, I didn't post this on Sunday. So I'll only tell you this one thing. I love her loads.


Sunday, 3 June 2012


Now see, this is the funny thing about... life, actually.

It sometimes just slaps me across the face, how beautiful the simplest little bits of life are.

Take this egg for example. It just an egg, cooked gently in hot water. Nothing worth noting. And yet, noteworthy. A stunning capsule of liquid gold, just sitting modestly on my plate. No gilded mirror or cavernous hall to display its breathtaking beauty. No parade or announcement. No gallery, no press. Just a bed of vivid spinach, and a be-speckling of cracked pepper. It's so simple, and yet I cannot catch by breath when it catches my eye on a quiet, sunny morning, as the coffee next to me wakens my senses and my eyes focus to reveal this elegant delicacy before me.

And yet, it's just an egg... open your eyes, people.


Man, this place, after the rain... is there anywhere more quietly stunning?


Porridge and Strawbs. Breakfast o'champs (no honey for me, honey).