Monday, 30 April 2012


Seriously, I'm pretty sure I would starve without Davi.

Sea bass. Lemon and butter sugar snap peas. Rice. Leaf and beetroot salad. Heaven.

All I did was squeeze carrot and orange juice (I'm totally pulling my weight here).


I never look good in hats.


Old script on new.


My favourite little pressie from Paris... a wee recipe book to write all my baking recipes into. It's delicate and pretty and pink and girlie and everything I am not, but I loves it.


He's trying to be cute and funny and distract me from my work. It's working.


I don't believe there is anything better than a good strong cuppa on a rainy day.

Terribly sorry if you disagree, cause you're wrong.   :)



Thursday, 26 April 2012


Our opus (aka the visa app). Everybody cross every appendage they have.


The sky can't make up her mind.


There is a new sweet shop on Dame St. They have cherry blasters and watermelons.

I want to hide out there overnight like those kids did in that museum.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Taking a break from wicked profiteroles to make white chocolate mousse.

Even though white chocolate isn't chocolate. It just isn't.


Dublin, you always know just how to make me miss you (yes, those are hailstones).

Ah, the romance. Paris ain't got nothin' on you, Dub.




I want to go back there.


I would eat these every day. For breakfast. For second breakfast. For lunch. And tea. And supper. And maybe even as a little treat just before bed.

Oh yeah -- I like a good midnight snack now and again as well.


So, there's this bookshop. It sits under the hulking shadow of Notre Dame. And it is wedged with books and words and dog-eared pages. There's a piano upstairs in its library of first editions. I want to livvvvve here.


I'm in Paris. omgomgomgi'msostokedddddddd


I'm bored. I have no idea what to take a photo of... but it doesn't matter CAUSE I'M GOIN' TO PARIS IN THE MORN! So here. I have too many programs open on my desktop. Enjoy.



(why yes, those are macerated strawberries stuffed over sweet cream and covered in a cocoa ganache)   :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Profiteroles. Day two, attempt number two. Not as eggy, definitely still way too heavy. They joined their friends in the collapsed-way-too-fast-and-way-too-easily category. What will I do with all this beautiful chantilly?!

Choux pastry: two.
Jen: zero.


First ever profiteroles!!

I must relinquish a fact I have long denied... my oven is shite. There are so many hot and cold spots in it, I would illustrate it as a dalmatian. There is no way to achieve any sort of even baking. In fact, I seem to alternate between convection and grill settings in a cruel dance as I gaze through the glass front of my oven, vainly trying to compensate for my poor old oven's shortcomings.

They looked pretty. So pretty. But they were far to eggy and, besides tasting of omelet, fell soon after they came out of the oven because of the density. So the beautiful creatures before you are misleading.

Choux pastry: one.
Jen: zero.


Seriously, these kids are beyond the coolest!! 3D glasses and 40 quid worth worth of pick and mix plus Anna, Cillian, and a screen full of pirates? Best. Monday. EVER.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Yeah... I get to listen to this everyday.

(please mind the shaky hands. well past the third cup of coffee this morning)


You may hate the rain in Dublin, but when it stops, and the sun comes out... well, diamonds dazzle across the asphalt as gold streaks through the sky.


Massive film crew on South William today. Gonna be sooooo famous.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Ok. Do you see that man? The one in the lovely, flattering high-vis jacket? The one with the rubbish trolley emptying the bin. He is the most fascinating person I have passed (or met, or spoken to, or known) in the last... well, months at least. He was singing this absent melody as I passed him, after rushing hurriedly into bank and out again. He filled the absentminded notes with dialogue gathered in his stream of random thoughts.

He told me he liked my boots, with the most genuine smile in a rumbling bass. His smile was infectious, and it broke my heart that no one else around me seemed to notice. This was a dude, doing a more than boring job, absolutely delighted with himself.

On a rainy street in Dublin, he is a ray of sunshine.

Friday, 20 April 2012


Found this next to my bank's ATM. Huh.


My flat is littered with mementos from past productions, and each holds a reminder of beautiful memories and (sometimes reluctant) lessons.

My little theatre angel goes wherever I do, reminding me of the day I found my voice. A plaque, a sea shell, a worry stone... all small pieces that illuminate the parts of my life I never want to forget. And here, at my window, sits the little fairy that reminds me of days spent rehearsing in a cold, sunny winter. Days spent curled up against a heater, etching in stage directions and watching two talented men explore a script. Days spent in awe of one of the greatest actor's I've ever known. Days when even my thick wooly lumberjack socks couldn't keep me warm, but somehow the beauty of theatre did. Days I never want to fade from my mind.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The wind nearly blew us over.

Standing, bracing strong against the robust and unyielding Irish wind, my hands shook as I pointed my iPhone towards the stunning shore. The wind lifted the water into menacingly beautiful white caps, and as they broke against the pebbly shore, I shivered against the bright sun, squinted my eyes, and took in one more salty moment before the wind pushed us toward shelter.

Days like this, I dread the thought of leaving.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Happy Birthday, Adrian!!

The red things are meant to be Budweiser crowns... Bud has a weird new logo. Now, this doesn't rival the "French Budweiser Cake" of 2006 (Nessa if you ever read this you'll know what I mean), but they're cute and delicious. Chocolate ganache is pretty undeniable.

Also, I need to learn more about piping. It's fun, but I am barely mediocre at this point.


See, now this bothers me.

Sitting on the DART listening to this wickedly inquisitive kid, full of energy and questions, and his mother has not an inch of interest invested in him. Yeah, I know she probably puts up with a lot. Yeah, I know she's probably tired. Yeah, I know being a mother is tough and a full time job. But on the forty minute train ride, I watched this kid's curiosity and resilience slowly get shattered just a little bit by his mother's gross indifference. Heartbreaking.



Is that Serenity on the big, black, loud, beautiful screen? ...why yes, I do believe it is. Nathan Fillion is always better six meters tall.

Sunday, 8 April 2012


With the sun shining again, the Davster and I took to the canal. And, into the gentle headwind, we found a baby duckling swimming with every inch of might it could muster. It hardly moved, but boy did it try!

Friday, 6 April 2012


See? Do you see the poetry? The soft, haziness that melts into metaphors? See it??


Blue, baby. xx


Sunshine! This calls for coffee in the park. I don't think we were the only ones with that idea.....


One of the best things about having friends: they help me eat what I bake, as so that I don't turn into a baby whale. And oh yeah, good conversation, laughter, blah blah blah.

Latest up to bat is lemon curd tarts, accompanied by their very naughty cousins, the dense chocolate mousse tarts. The strawberries are there to keep the guilt at bay. They work.


I am taking a photo of the sunshine every time there is good weather in Dublin. Hopefully, it'll happen so often it will become annoying.

Look! Beautiful, beautiful sunshine. I love the sun at the end of the day the most, when it's about to say goodnight, and it softens into something poetic.


Happy Daffodil Day!! This is as close to a real daffodil as I got all day. Sad face.


Now, first off: apologies for the fuzzy photos, but my wee iphone could hardly stand up to the ambiance and nature of the restaurant. 777 is one of the loveliest, warmest, most exciting restaurants I have been to in ages.

First off, the restaurant itself. The warmth and quirkiness, the hard edges of the exciting artwork and the soft sheen of lighting gently bouncing off the mirrored walls. We were sat at the bar, which made for a surprisingly intimate little dinner (if you go in as a two, you won't get sat at one of the few tables, which are all large and held for parties of four to six). But no one minded being sat along the long, bright orange bar, least of all us. We were right in front of the bartenders, and I never tired of watching them pump out margaritas.

Next, the food. Phe.nom. Emphasis on the nom. From the moment the fish taquitos landed in front of us until we licked the last remaining morsels of the dulce-de-leche-and-apple-dessert-thingy off our spoons, we hardly said two words to each other... we were too busy stuffing our faces full of amazing mexican food.

Davi has always had the amazing ability to order the best thing off the menu. And the aul fella strikes again. His main course, a whole grilled red snapper on rice with a selection of homemade dips was fresh and a true delight.

But best of all, and I mean best of all, was traipsing through the kitchen to get to the coolest bathrooms I have ever seen.... the sink was deadly!

I heart having Thursdays off!