Friday, 6 April 2012


Now, first off: apologies for the fuzzy photos, but my wee iphone could hardly stand up to the ambiance and nature of the restaurant. 777 is one of the loveliest, warmest, most exciting restaurants I have been to in ages.

First off, the restaurant itself. The warmth and quirkiness, the hard edges of the exciting artwork and the soft sheen of lighting gently bouncing off the mirrored walls. We were sat at the bar, which made for a surprisingly intimate little dinner (if you go in as a two, you won't get sat at one of the few tables, which are all large and held for parties of four to six). But no one minded being sat along the long, bright orange bar, least of all us. We were right in front of the bartenders, and I never tired of watching them pump out margaritas.

Next, the food. Phe.nom. Emphasis on the nom. From the moment the fish taquitos landed in front of us until we licked the last remaining morsels of the dulce-de-leche-and-apple-dessert-thingy off our spoons, we hardly said two words to each other... we were too busy stuffing our faces full of amazing mexican food.

Davi has always had the amazing ability to order the best thing off the menu. And the aul fella strikes again. His main course, a whole grilled red snapper on rice with a selection of homemade dips was fresh and a true delight.

But best of all, and I mean best of all, was traipsing through the kitchen to get to the coolest bathrooms I have ever seen.... the sink was deadly!

I heart having Thursdays off!

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