Thursday, 29 March 2012


I'm sorry Conor, what's that you say?! Serenity?! On a big aul cinema screen?!

This is only the best news I've had in weeks. Glorious.


This is the greatest little piece of puppetry I've seen in ages!!


This is what the lightest, most comfortable shoes in the world looks like.... apologies in advance for the shaky hand!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Nevermind Paddy's Day, I HAVE NEW SHOE BABIESSSSSS. My old nikes were more than overdue to land in the rubbish, and these suckers have a heel stack of only 0.4cm and a reinforced arch... half marathon, here I come.. cause I really have no excuse now, do I?


Now, I wouldn't rush to the front of a Foo Fighters concert, or even ever normally walk into a shop to pick up an album. But these dudes are doing something for music.

Go search for their acceptance speech for their Grammy win this year. Dave Grohl is a stunning artist and human being. Then watch their new single:

(ps, you're welcome)


This topic seems to be creeping into my life more and more often. And I'm sorry, but no amount of efficiency or convenience will ever tear me from my thumb-worn, margin-scribbled, spine-weakened, romantic library and turn me over the evil world of ebooks. I shall not go.


I have reached the point, when following a baking recipe, I can actually stray from it to improve (well, try to improve) what's on paper.

I was making cinnamon cakes, and for the life of me I couldn't find a decent recipe. So I took a nearly adequate one and tweaked it to my liking. And for all the chefs in my life who think that straying from a recipe is as natural as turning on the cooker, baking is nearly more science than cookery. Stray from the recipe normally calls for disaster. And disaster normally isn't too tasty.

Here's a few rules in my Handbook-For-Everything-I-Bake:

One. If a recipe calls for oil instead of butter, I'm not interested (unless it's olive oil cake, because they are beyond heavenly). Butter is always better. 
Two. If you are making a cake (say, a cinnamon cake) and the only flavour profile you can find sits delicately on top, it's useless.
Three. If a pie, muffin, cake or tart calls for any crumble topping, double the amount any recipe calls for. Hell, triple it.
Four. I'm Canadian. If I can add maple to something, I will. 

So, after tweaking here and there, I started with a recipe for cinnamon coffee cake (that had no cinnamon in the cake itself, I just couldn't wrap my head around that one), I ended up with these bad boys.

Cinnamon and maple cakes with a cinnamon crumble layer and maple and cream cheese glaze (with extra crumble scattered on top, just for good measure).

Boo. Yeah.


What do I do when I'm trying to avoid updating a blog that, daily, is sliding into oblivion? Yes, that's right, I spell out my robot name in candy letters. Then I eat them. Ah, sophistication.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


There is little denying it. There is no beating this feeling. As your lungs explode against the cold air, your head tilts up toward the gold-laced clouds, and this is what you see. And in one tiny moment, alone in a city full of people, you find the beauty in solitude.

And you never want to leave the moment, one of steady pounding feet and unsteady, determined breath.

Sunday, 18 March 2012



I'm pretty sure I spent more money that night on the photobooth than on actual drink, but it was totally worth it. I'm also pretty sure I'm on the wall mostly cause of the three other awesome girls in the photos... we all looked pretty hilarious as we hurriedly (and drunkenly) hopped (or stumbled, in my case) in and out of the photobooth to concoct this winner of a reel. My mark on Pygmalion shall last into eternity. :)


I swear, if the fella weren't a chef, I'd probably starve to death... or at least have diabetes from my nasty baking habits. If anyone out there has never tried smoked mackerel, come to Dublin. Right now. I shall bring you to it, and you shall be amazed. A.Mazed.


This is my next wee project. I am desperate to learn Lisa's Passenger on my little mandolin. Mostly cause it's beautiful. And simple. And it makes me happy. She sings about snow and biros.


The Sister is 22!! I convinced her I had no time to bake her a cake, and much to my delight the lovely little thing believed me. Davi and I were up till wee hours last night baking her a dark chocolate and Guinness cake with Bailey's buttercream - the most Irish thing I could think of for her last Irish birthday.

The piping actually took me back to my far away childhood days, watching my mother work her magic with a piping bag, creating the most beautiful, creative, imaginative and smile-inducing cakes. I remember kneeling up onto a chair, watching her practice letters, numbers, edging, roses, all on a wee plate before daring to strike colour across a perfect plane of white icing.

My own decorations are more rudimentary, and most definitely off-center, but I did find an odd serenity as I practiced my own purple letters across our blue speckled plates.


If I had to outfit a heaven for myself, I'm pretty sure it would look just like this. Pastry bags, cake tins, food dye galore. Also, buckets and buckets of cookie cutters, baking beans and piping tips and... oh gosh, whenever I go in there, I always spend far more than intended!


These kids are the bee's knees. Or, if you like, the cat's pyjamas.  If Davi and I ever need a night filled with sugar-loaded puzzle making and angry bird strategizing, we head down the tracks to Shankill for a night with the cousins. They are the coolest kids around.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


To continue my love affair with sugar, I have a new best friend... and it's key lime pies. Except these ones have a key lime mousse and biscuit base. Ugh, I just can't get enough of them.

If anyone wants this recipe let me know - they are divine, and sinfully easy to make!


There's nothing like a severe, icy blue background to force your lungs full of air and open your eyes. Everything sharpens with the piercing sun gleaning over everything, bathing it in a rare clarity.

It may not be spring, but it's quite a start.


Now, as a trained Canadian, I can spot a moose a mile away... so why is there one on the back of my wine gums packet?!

It's obvious he has amazing taste. He also may be slightly crazy (have a look at his eyes), but I think it's mostly cause he has good taste...

Thursday, 8 March 2012


This blog is rapidly turning into one mostly about food and baking. And eating.

Case in point, see above. Fresh made banana muffins with a hint of cocoa. Extra banana.


Chicken pot pies... one for him, and one for her.

There's nothing so soul-soothing as cooking lunch from scratch. Mushrooms. Chicken. Thyme. Wine. Cream. Pastry from scratch. More thyme. Sea salt.

And throw a glass of fresh apple and beetroot juice on the side for good measure.

This stuff is good for the soul, man. I'm tellin' ya.