Sunday, 18 March 2012


The Sister is 22!! I convinced her I had no time to bake her a cake, and much to my delight the lovely little thing believed me. Davi and I were up till wee hours last night baking her a dark chocolate and Guinness cake with Bailey's buttercream - the most Irish thing I could think of for her last Irish birthday.

The piping actually took me back to my far away childhood days, watching my mother work her magic with a piping bag, creating the most beautiful, creative, imaginative and smile-inducing cakes. I remember kneeling up onto a chair, watching her practice letters, numbers, edging, roses, all on a wee plate before daring to strike colour across a perfect plane of white icing.

My own decorations are more rudimentary, and most definitely off-center, but I did find an odd serenity as I practiced my own purple letters across our blue speckled plates.

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