Sunday, 3 June 2012


Now see, this is the funny thing about... life, actually.

It sometimes just slaps me across the face, how beautiful the simplest little bits of life are.

Take this egg for example. It just an egg, cooked gently in hot water. Nothing worth noting. And yet, noteworthy. A stunning capsule of liquid gold, just sitting modestly on my plate. No gilded mirror or cavernous hall to display its breathtaking beauty. No parade or announcement. No gallery, no press. Just a bed of vivid spinach, and a be-speckling of cracked pepper. It's so simple, and yet I cannot catch by breath when it catches my eye on a quiet, sunny morning, as the coffee next to me wakens my senses and my eyes focus to reveal this elegant delicacy before me.

And yet, it's just an egg... open your eyes, people.

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