Sunday, 19 February 2012


Within the (occasional) mundanity of procuring daily photos of a life deep set in routine, I am sometimes knocked off guard by the smallest, simplest, most stunning things. The vibrancy of these tulips is one of those little tackles I received, knocking me sideways with the joy they bring to a room.

It's nothing, yet everything. Life. It's in what makes a smile tug at the corners of my tired mouth as I hobble over to the french press in the morning. They keep me company as I sift through the morning news and nudge me gently as I stand over the sink, hands wrist-deep in soapy bubbles.

Funny, they make me want to be better. They're just flowers. They won't even last that long. Soon enough the will weep and droop and find their way to the bin. But until then, they stir something in me that makes me want to do more, be more.

How do they do that...they're only tulips, for goodness sake.

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