Saturday, 12 January 2013



Oh, this is sad. This is really sad. Here I am, well into 2013 and I can no longer ignore the blog burning a whole on my computer and in my consciousness.

I got so close. Why did I let up? I began 2012 determined, driven, excited by the prospect of writing daily. This blog seemed like such a wonderful motivator. People would be reading (hopefully) and if I am anything, I am proud. So I wouldn't want to lose face.

Sure, as the months passed I struggled. In fact, I have spent so much time this year falling behind and then catching up and then falling behind again that I feel like I'm running a marathon with a moving finish line. I just could not seem to catch it. And yet, I knew I had made a promise to myself, and so I trundled on, determined and only slightly embarrassed.

And then November came. Oh, November. What did I ever do to you? Somehow, you overcame me and I fell so far behind that by the time December reared its merciless head I couldn't even bring myself to look at 365.

And then December waved goodbye as January and 2013 rolled onto my calendar. I had failed. BUT I have learned a few things.

1. I do not like taking photos. Seriously I don't. I thought this project would encourage me to open my eyes and find opportunities to point and snap that I had never noticed before. But I don't enjoy recording my life. I enjoy living it. Fair play to those with the presence of mind to photograph every moment as it passes, but I am not them.

2. While I love to write, forcing my pen when it is dry of thought does not always break my writer's block. I have been told frequently, from reliable sources, that writing is not always romantic. Nor is it always fun. Sometimes it is a chore and a job and you just have to put pen to paper. This is true. However, combine this with the torture of daily photo-journaling, and you have me beat.

3. I love to blog.

So, I figure, I owe you guys 56 photos. You stuck with me all year, and I won't let you down. But then I'm turning my back on this blog and starting a new one. One where it doesn't matter if I go away for a few days, leaving it behind. One that will be waiting whenever thought, inspiration or shutter finger strikes.

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of photos/videos/you tube fancies. Cause I can't wait to kick this blog to the curb and start afresh.

Here goes...

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