Saturday, 14 January 2012


I am tragically routine sometimes. I run in the same circles for weeks on end; circles within the four walls of work, circles as I climb the stairs to my house, and circles around the park when I lace up my worn out nikes.

I was running those circles around the dense green this morning, and something caught my eye... more like someones. Three gentlemen sat, stubborn against the chilly morning air, smoking and talking and laughing and they took to me like ducks to water. Every time I looped past them, they told me to slow down, enjoy the day, the sunshine. I laughed at them, as slowing down was the last thing I was planning on doing.

As I neared the end of my circular hour, I couldn't help but be tickled by the gentleness of these three men, obviously life long friends. I couldn't help myself. I stopped and asked for a photo, explaining my daily pursuit of a life in photographs. They glanced at each other and smiled, consenting without words. They couldn't understand their importance to me, but there it was. A new set of relationships, however brief our minutes shared in all the minutes that add up to life. My cheerleaders, more genuine than anything I'd encountered before.

They smiled and waved as I looped past once more. Then I veered back into busy streets to race home, never to see my new mates again. What a perfect day, a perfect run.

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