Friday, 6 January 2012


Alright, now I know this isn't a photo that I took today, but I do love it. It pretty much encapsulates every aspect of my family's personality. Nerdy. Ridiculous. Shameless.

Just look at us, seriously. I would like to draw everyone's attention to my little hat-headband-fringe blocker thing. Yeah, the red thing on top of my head. may or may not be cut out of a pair of stockings. But goodness me it's useful. It's warm but not stifling, fitted but not restricting, and it keeps my blasted fringe out of my eyes as I bounce down the road.

And every time I see it poking out from under my wooly socks, it makes me want to lace up, pull it over my head and get out for a run.

ps ilovemyfamily

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